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AGM - 2018

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Annual General Report October 2017-Septmber 2018


PCHOUM BEN Ceremony on Saturday 16th September 2017 at Amaravati Buddhist Monastery. Funds raised during Bang Skaul Ceremony from the community by Dr Sambath Heng and Mr Tan Nam were donated directly to the temple at the end of the Ceremony.
There were great numbers of our community’s members beautifully turned out in traditional costume, the attendance of the Royal Embassy of Cambodia staff members, and the families. Followed by AGM from 2pm.-4pm.

Winter gathering Party: Sunday 3rd December 2017 at the VLC Community Centre from 6pm-mid night.
Children meeting with Santa for a special gifs(from Parents) & Chocolate (from Casunik). There were good numbers of guests and community’s members attended.

CAMBODIAN NEW YEAR Celebration on Saturday 14th April 2018:

  • Ceremony opening and greeting speech by Mrs Sobopha Owen
  • Introduction of the New Executive members for year 2018
  • Introduction the member of Student Association group to the UK year 2018 by Ms Sovanvattey Chan.
  • Greeting Speech by Her Excellency Dr Rathchavy Soeung, Ambassador at the Royal Embassy of Cambodia to the UK for five minutes.
  • The Buddhist Ceremony was conducted by Mr Tan Nam: requesting the Three Refuges, Five Precepts and Bang Skaul
  • Chanting blessing by five Monks and Nuns, Sister Bodhipala from Amaravati Buddhist Monastery
  • Funds raised from the community by Dr Sambath Heng during Bang Skaull (amount approx. £787.10) were donated to the Monks at the end of the Ceremony
  • Dharma talk by Sister Bodhipala to bless the Cambodian New Year 2018.
  • Gifts Monks packs donated from Casunik, the Royal Embassy of Cambodia and the community’s members.
    Food offering to Monks, followed by the guests and the community members.
  • From 1.50pm-14.30pm: A speech legal was conducted by National Black Crown Prosecutors (NBPCA), the legal team employed by CPS. Speakers: Olive Essien, Delores Barratt, Rosalind Fox (Cambodian), Bandana Batra, Meena Ruperl. Subject: Racial hate crimes and its impact to the public, Domestic violence and its impact on the community by Delores Barrat, Data Protection & Harassment by Rosalind Fox.
  • This was followed byTraditional & Cultural show:
    • Stage presenters: Mr Vuthy Udom & Ms Chanvolak Nousovath
    • Wishing dance by Mrs Dinal Blomfield.
    • Flowers dance by our home growth new star Ms Sabrina Keo-Pich.
    • Tai Chi by Mr Tang How & Mrs Tann Kim
    • Traditional comic chat show by Mrs Dinal Blomfield & Mr Chheang Seng
    • Songs by: Mr Dayanny So, Mrs Van Kingston, Mrs Sovan Rovai, Mr Naden Poan, Mr Samley Hong (France)
    • Traditional Chhay YAM, leaded by Mr Kakada Pich and Mrs Rithy keo Pich :
    • Dancers: Mrs Nory Hradsky-Fisher, Dinal Blomfield, Sovann Rovai, Sinoun Blomfield.
    • Dennis Hradsky-fisher, Chariya Von, Sovathiro Mao, Korm Keo Oudom,
    • End of the shows, a thank you speech by Mrs Sobopha Owen on behalf of Executive committee members to:
    • Performers, guest speakers, all National/international guests.
    • Distribution of flowers, gifts to performers,by our seniors members: Mr &Mrs Tan Chea, Mr Tann Nam, Mr Sorel Nou, Her excellency, Dr Rathchavy Soeung, Counsellor Chey Ratha and team members from the Royal Embassy of Cambodia. All guests were standing up dancing, cheering for the prosperous year 2018-19
    • First opening dance’s song performed by Mr Dayanny So and the team members
    • Live Music from the VLC Centre leaded by Mr Lai (the Chairman of theVL) & 4 team members beautiful pieces of live music, Xaxophone melodies with attendance of Mr Samley Hong, followed by Cambodian Disco Dancing, Ramvong until 10.30pm.
      We had a very enjoyable full day Celebration.
    • Support team:
    • General Manager: Mrs Suphali Unn-Nesbit
    • Book keeper / Reception / Raffles sale: Mr Sinang Chrea, Ms Rachana Pich, Ms Sabrina Pich, Mr Dennis Radsky-Fisher, two students
    • DJ Traditional Khmer Ramvong and Disco dancing: Mr Sorel Nou, with Assistance of Mr Nadenh Poan.
    • General Assistant: Ms Sovanvattey Chan & the student group
    • Food catering provider: Mrs Sunami Nou, Mrs Siena Tan-Chea, Mrs Chan Chea, Ms Pranee Nou, Mrs Suphali Unn-Nesbit, Mrs Bopha Chan Pak-Samay, Mrs Raksmey Moung,Mr&Mrs Kakada, Rithy Keo-Pich, All commnity’s members and all guests.
    • Stage/hall decoration team:
    • Mrs Sobopha Owen, Mr Chariya Von, Mr Pierre Palluet, 4 students
    • Clear up team after the Party:
    • Mrs Sobopha Owen, Mr Sinang Chrea,, Mr&Mrs Sorel, Nami Nou,Suniro Nou, Ms Sophine Nou, Ms Pranee Nou, Mr Dayanny So, Mrs Visal So, Mr Pierre Palluet ,Staff members from the Royal Embassy of Cambodia
      Goods transporter: Mr Saroeuy Long
  • We are honoured by the number of guests, including:
    • Monks and Nuns from Amaravati Buddhist Monastery.
    • The Royal Embassy of Cambodia to the UK, the family and all staff members.
    • The legal team from CPS.
    • Seniors members and community’s members travelled far from around the UK and abroad.
    • Cambodian community living in France.
    • Mr Lai the Chairman of The VLC and staff members.
    • Performers team

We are touched and thankful to all new and existing members, travelled from far distances to support our Traditional National day. The venue was completely full and we all had a fantastic time!

INTERNATIONAL Thod Pha Pa: fund raising event on Sunday 17th June 2018 to support Chithurst Buddhist Monastery. Donation raised by International team organiser, received on the day was forwarded directly to the temple

Special Recognitions: To support Pchoum Ben activities: Saturday 16th September 2017, the generous donation from:

  • Mr&Mrs Siribudh Pen: £30.00.
  • Mr&Mrs Moeng Phok :£35.00.

To support Xmas party activites on Sunday 3rd December 2017, the generous donation from:

  • Her Excellency Dr Rathchavy Soeung: £200.00
  • Mr Ged Scrivener :£50.00.
  • All extras generous donations on the day were recorded in the visitor’s book.

To support the Khmer New Year Celebration year 2018, the generous donations from:

  • Her Execellency Dr Rathchavy Soeung £500.00.
  • HE Chea Davuth £400.00
  • Mrs Sobopha Owen £200.00
  • Mr Usaly Tan £165.00
  • Mr& Mrs Tan Chea £120.00
  • All others generous donations on the day were recorded in the visitor’s book.


  • The Buddhist Monastery Chithurst Petersfield: Sunday 11th November 2018 from 10am-7-30pm.
  • The Buddhist Monastery Amaravati, Hemel Hampstead: Sunday 18th November from 10am-7-30pm.


To ensure the availability of the venue, we have booked ahead

  • The Cambodian New Year Celebration will be on Saturday 13th April 2019 at the VLC COMMUNITY CENTRE 151.
  • The Pchoum Ben (Ancestors day) will be on Saturday 28th September 2019 at Amaravati Buddhist Monastery

On behalf of our executive committee members, I would like to extend our thank you for all the supports & helps in serving community activities for another successful year.

On behalf of Casunik Executive committee members
Mrs Sobopha Owen