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AGM - 2015

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Annual General Report December 2013-October 2014

Khmer New Year Celebration on Saturday 11th April 2015:

  • Ceremony opening and greeting speech by Mrs Sobopha Owen
  • Introduction of the New Executive members for year 2015
  • Introduction the member of Student Association group to the UK year 2015
  • Speech by Mr Samnang Kao from the Royal Embassy of Cambodia to the UK
  • The Buddhist Ceremony was conducted by Mr Tan Nam: requesting the Three Refuges and Five Precepts and Bang Skaul
  • Chanting blessing by five Monks and Nuns from Amaravati Buddhist Monastery
  • Funds raised by Dr Sambath Heng during Bang Skaull were donated to the Monks at the end of the Ceremony
  • Dharma talks by Sister Bodhi Palla of Amaravati
  • Five-minute mediation led by Sister Bodhi Palla of Amaravati
  • The rest of the day is followed by Khmer Ramvong and Disco Dancing
  • Support team:
    • Day Manager: Mr Usaly Tan
    • Book keeper / Reception / Raffles sale: Mr Thy Hy, Mr Sinang Chrea, Mr Dara Than
    • General Hall Assistants: Mr Sinang Chrea, Mr Dara Than
    • DJ Traditional Khmer Ramvong and Disco dancing: Mr Sorel Nou
    • Photographers: Mr Chunneath Hiv, Mr Dara Than.
    • Helper for food& catering, on table set up by Mrs Bopha Chan-Pak Samay.
  • Stage/hall decoration team:
    • Mrs Sobopha Owen, Mr UsalyTan, Mr Rithy Hy, Mr&Mrs Sinang,Wanli Chrea,Mr Ka Fue Lay, Mr Sok BunDin(Nap).
    • Student Association Group: Mr Chunneath Hiv, Miss Muy Houng Lim, Mr Dara Than, Miss Sovanvattey Chan, Miss Rattana Sotsompos.
  • Clear up team after the Party :
    • Mrs Sobopha Owen, Mr UsalyTan, Mr Rithy Hy, Mr& Mrs Sinang, Wanli Chrea,Mr Kim Thavuth,Mr Ka Fue Lay, Mr&Mrs Bou Mea , Mr&Mrs Sorel, Nami Nou, Miss Pranee Nou, Mr Saroeuy Long.
    • Students Association Group: Mr Chunneath Hiv, Mr Raksmey Hiv, Miss Sovanvattey Chan, Mr Dara Than.

We are honoured by the number of guests, including:

  • Monks from Amaravati Buddhist Monastery
  • Mr Samnang Kao from the Royal Embassy of Cambodia to the UK
  • Seniors members and community’s members from around the UK
  • The VLC staff members

INTERNATIONAL Thod Pha Pa Fund raising event on Sunday 21st June 2015 to support Chithurst Buddhist Monastery. Donation received on the day was forwarded directly to the temple by organiser team.

BLESSNG of four-faced Brahmavihara Sculpture on Sunday 13th June 2015 at Chithurst Buddhist Monastery, sponsored by Mr and Mrs Meong Phok together with Ms Rosalind Hibbins.

BADMINTON tournament 2nd year; was on Saturday 4th July 2015 between Cambodian community’s members and Lao community’s members. Sixteen players participated in the tournament, and this year again the trophy goes to the Lao community. But everyone enjoyed the re-gathering, and had a good- fun time together.

PCHOUM BEN Ceremony on Saturday 10th October 2015 at Amaravati Buddhist Monastery, followed by AGM.

Special Recognitions:

To support the Khmer New Year Celebration, HE Meas Kim Heng, Ambassador of the Royal Embassy of Cambodia has generously donated GBP 500.00 and some dishes of Cambodian home made food.

All community’s members for the kind contribution of cooked food- donation and assistance.

The VLC staff members for their assistance.

I would like to express my gratitude to you all for your continued support and help to our community, which is in line with the common aim of CASUNIK, for the benefit of all Cambodians in the UK, thereby ensuring a positive image of Cambodia internationally.

Yours Sincerely,

Mrs Sobopha Owen