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AGM - 2014

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Annual General Report December 2013-October 2014

Christmas Party Saturday 7th December 2013:
• Despite the bad weather we had a small numbers turned and the party went on presentedtby Mr Chunneat Hiv, the head of CSA
• In the UK, the children have met up with Santa Claus (Mr Jed Scriviner), with assistant Master Dennis Hard-Rasky.
• Followed by music disco until 10.30pm by DJ, Mr Sorel Nou.

Khmer New Year Celebration Saturday 12th April 2014:
• Open Ceremony, greeting speech by Mrs Sobopha Owen. Introduction of the New Executive members for year 2014.
• Introduction the member of Student Association group to the UK year 2014.
• The Buddhist Ceremony was conducted by MrTan Nam with request of five precepts, Bang Skoll, chanting blessing by senior
• Monk invited from Cambodia Venerable Panhavan Yeun, 5 Monks & Nuns from Amaravati Monastery.
• Bang Skoll fund raised by Dr Sambath and donated directly to the Monks at the end of Ceremony.
• Dhamma talks by Venerable Panhavan Yeun.
• Afternoon performances:

o Stage presenter: Mr Chunneat Hiv & Miss Muy Hong Lim.
o Traditional Blessing dance by Miss Chantrea Blomfield.
o Two Cambodian traditional songs YI Kee part of Folkloric saga * Tum-Teav* performed by: Mrs Van Kingston & Mrs Sovann Rovai.
o Comedy Comic chat show by Mrs Dinal Blomfield.
o Two songs performed by Miss Daniele-Liza Owen.
o Chhayam Popular dancing leaded by Mr Kakada Pich & Mrs Rithy Keo-Pich,
o The dancers are: Mrs Sobopha Owen, Mrs Nory Hradsky-Fisher, Mrs Dinal Blomfield, Master Dennis Hradsky-Fisher.
o Music instrumental players are: Mr Kakada Pich, Mr Usaly Tan, Miss Sonarita Srey, Mr Sinang Chrea, Mr Kim Thavuth.

• Closing Ceremony:

o Distribution of appreciation certificate to the Students Association group, and offering souvenirs packs to all performers by Mr Tan Nam, , Dr Sambath, Mr & Mrs Tan Chea.
o The rest of the day is followed by Disco Dancing by DJ Sorel Nou until 8pm.

• Supporting Team:

o Mr & Mrs Tan Chea extras food Catering.
o Mr & Mrs Moeng Phok flowers&beverage drinks for the monks (Private donation).
o Treasurer & day Manager: Mr Usaly Tan
o Book keeper& Reception /Raffles sale: Mr Thy Hy, Mr Raksmey Hiv, Mr Dara Than.
o General Hall Assistant, team of students: Miss Pisey Rong, Miss Rattana Samphos-Sot, Mr Dara Than, Mr Thireach Song, Mr Ratanak Chan.

• Stage –Hall Decorators team:

o Mrs Sobopha Owen, Mr Usaly Tan, Mr Chumneat Hiv & the team of 6 Students

• Art Dancing director: Mr Kakada Pich
• Art Dancing director/Costume: Mrs Rithy Keo-Pich.
• Food&Catering Assistance: Mrs Ladin Lines and her Niece, Mrs Dinal Blomfield.
• DJ Traditional Khmer Ramvong & Disco dancing Mr Sorel Nou.
• Photographer: Mr Sudarin Unn, Mr Chumneat Hiv.

We are honored by the numbers of guest from the UK and abroad including:
• Monks from Amaravati Monastery,Venerable Panhavan Yeun from Cambodian Buddhist center in Province Kien Svay (Cambodia).
• Mr Sam Nang from the Royal Embassy of Cambodia to the UK.
• Seniors members and community’s members from around the UK.
• The VLC staff members.

We had again another successful event, we are very touched by everyone’s support & help.

Others Community events:
• International Thod Pha Pa raising event on Sunday 15th June 2014 to support Chithurst Monastery. Donation received on the day was forwarded directly to the temple by organizer team.
• Friday 11th July, The funeral of our dearest member the latest: Mrs Sakhan Unn who passed away on the 3rd July at the age of 82 in Gravesend Kent. The religious ceremony were conducted by Mr Tan Nam, two Buddhist monks, the community’s members, friends and family from around the world to be part of the special day.
• Badminton tournament: On Sunday 20th July between Cambodian community’s members/ the Student Association group in the UK with Our neighbour, the winners team are the Laos community’s members in the UK. All are 17 members.
• Pchum Ben Ceremony on Saturday 20th September: There were a big numbers of people turned up with participation of Mr Sam Nang and a staff member of the Royal Embassy of Cambodia. We have raised money for Bangskoll to included the donation from HE Meas Kim Heng Ambassador of the Royal Embassy of Cambodia to the UK in total amount of £1096.00 and were forwarded directly by Mr Tan Nam to maravati temple.
• Kathina on Sunday 26th October at Chithurst Temple.
• Kathina on Sunday 2nd November at Amaravati Monastery.

A big thank you to our religious team that are dedicated to attend all events despite the bad weather.

Future Events for year 2015:

-The Khmer New Year Party Celebraion Chaul Chhnam : Saturday 11th April 2015 at the VLC community Centre Hackney. Strating time: 10.30am to 8h00 pm. ( For further information ,please visit

-The Pchoum Ben Celebration: Saturday 10th October at AmaravatinBuddhist Monastery Hemel Hempstead. Starting Time: 10am to 2pm (For further information please visit


On behalf of our community’s members, Executive’s members would like to express: a big thank you and gratitude to HE Hor Nambora, the family, all staffs members that have kindly supported our Society, with dedication to maintain our Khmer culture-Heritage-Reputation internationally, during the 10 years of mission until March 2014.

With good wishes

Mrs. Sobopha Owen