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AGM - 2011

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Annual General Report December 2010 - September 2011


Christmas Party Saturday 11th December 2010:
It was a successful night attended around 120 people turned up, mostly children, teenagers, student group to met up with Santa Claus by Mr Mark Blomfield, Followed by Disco dancing by DJ Sorel.

Khmer New Year Celebration Saturday 16th April 2011:

  • The Buddhist Ceremony was conducted by Mr Tan Nam by request of five precepts, Bang Skaul. A blessing Chant by Monks & Nuns from Amaravati Buddhist Monastery.
  • National Anthem & Pong Savada Khmer (Music arranged by Mr Sam Ruos), all sang together.
  • Traditional dances by Miss Dinal, Chantrea, Sinuon Blomfield
  • Songs by new talent: Mr Maneat, Miss Chanserey.
  • Two Songs by Miss Daniele Owen
  • Comic show:Khmer traditional AYAI performed by Miss Dinal Blomfield, Mr Leanghy, a student .
  • Live music entertainment for lunch and dinner: performed by Mr Sam Ruos, Mr Lai (VLC)
  • Music disco for afternoon and evening dancing organised by Mr Sorel Nou.
  • Easter Eggs distribution to the children organised by Miss Soravy Dom and Miss Sorany Ogston
  • Special guest performers: Bollywood dance by Miss Somini, Taichi by Mr Philip Moonsam and 5 Children (VLC).

Supporting team:

  • Mr Mrs Tan Chea for gifts monks Packs/Raffles gifts organiser
  • Mr Mrs Moeng Phok: Flowers & beverage drinks for the monks (as a private donation).
  • Dr Sambath: Raising fund for Bang Skaul, and forwarded directly to the Monks.
  • Miss Sorany Ogston, Miss Soravy Dom: Treasurer, account and book-keeping.
  • Mr Bou Mea: General Manager.
  • Mr Rithy Hy: General assistant.
  • Dr Habib Rahman, Mr Sok Boun Din Stage Assistance
  • Mr Dara Sok & Mr Piseth (Head of Student Association) and four other students: Assistants of stage decoration.
  • Miss Sovy& Mr Visoth (Student): Stage presenter.
  • Mr James Jenkison, Mr Kim, 2 Students: Receptions, sales of Raffles.
  • Costume Assistant: Miss Rithy Keo-Pich
  • Food & Catering: Miss Muy Eng Toeuk, Mrs Soly Jenkison, Mrs Bopha Chan, Mrs Chandy Parnell.
  • Music & Sound engineer: Mr Sam Ruos
  • DJ Traditional Khmer Ramvung-Disco: Mr Sorel Nou.
  • Photograph/slide show: Mr Phok Moeng
  • Photographer: Mr Sudarinn Unn

We are honoured by the numbers of guests from the UK and abroad including:

  • His Excellency Hor Nam Bora, Ambassador of the Royal Embassy of Cambodia, Lady Hor Khemtana and all staff members. Supporting the Khmer New year Celebration, the Royal Embassy of Cambodia has generously donated: 840.00 GBP.
  • Senior members and community members from around the UK
  • European & Cambodian guests from different places, national and international.
  • Student groups from all around the UK
  • The VLC management team and members

Approximately 250 people during the day and 150 at the evening dancing-party.

We had once again another successful event:
We are very touched, despite the world economy crisis by everyone’s effort and the time in taking part, to help to celebrate the only one Special day of the year, highlighting the Union of a big Family.

  • Saturday 28th May 2011: International Visak Celebration at Chithurst Monastery .Nr Petersfield.
  • Saturday 4th June 2011: Khmer art Exhibition at the VLC Centre.Hackney.
  • Sunday 19th June 2011: International Bonn Phka Samaki fund raising event for ChithurstMonastery. Donation received approximately 8000.00GBP was forwarded to the temple by Mr David Glendining (organiser) and the international team.
  • Saturday 2nd July 2011: Community day trip to Calais France. We had an excellent day, together with the Khmer community in Kent/London/Outskirt of London. We were blessed by an outstanding Chat-Show performance of Miss Dinal Blomfield during the journey- and Return. The successful trip is credited to: Miss Sorany Ogston, Miss Soravy Dom, Mr Bou Mea, have kindly helped to organise the ticket-booking with the community members in Kent and all members.
  • Saturday 24th September 2011: Pchum Ben Ceremony at Amaravati Buddhist Monastery. We were honoured to have the presence of Lady Hor Khemtan and the Embassy staff members joining us in this ceremony.

The VLC Centre contributed 1200.00GBP in supporting Casunik activities for year 2011.

Future events:

  • Kathina International will be on Sunday 30th October 2011 at Chithurst Buddhist Monastery.

To ensure the availability of future venue, I have also made provisional advance bookings at the VLC Centre ahead of the election of the new executive committee (on 24th September 2011) as follows:

  • The Xmas Party: Saturday 10th December 2011.
  • The Khmer New Year (Chaul Chhnam): Saturday 14th April 2012.

I would like to express my gratitude to you all for another successful year. Your continued support and help to our community are in line with the common aim of the Society, striving to work for the benefit of all Cambodians in the UK thereby ensuring a positive image of Cambodia internationally.

Yours Sincerely,

Mrs Sobopha Owen
President of Cambodian Society in the UK