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Last updated: March 2020

Cambodian Society in the United Kingdom
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Letter from the President - 2015

Dear Casunik members and friends,

I am delighted to enclose the report of our main activities for the year 2015:

Saturday 11th April 2015 Chaul Chhnam (Khmer new year) Celebration at the VLC Community Centre, Hackney.

Sunday 13thJune 2015 Blessing of four faced Brahmavihara Sculpture at Chithurst Buddhist Monastery, sponsored by Mr & Mrs Meong Phok together with Ms Rosalind Hibbins.

Sunday 21st June 2015 International ThodPhaPa, fund raising event to support Chithurst Buddhist Monastery .
Donation received on the day was forwarded directly to the temple by organizer team.

Saturday 4th July 2015 Badminton tournament 2nd year between Cambodian and Laos community members.
Sixteen players participated in the tournament, and this year again the trophy goes to the Laos community.
Everyone enjoyed the re-gathering and had a good-fun time together.

Saturday 10thOctober 2015 Pchum Ben at Amaravati Buddhist Monastery. The ceremony was conducted by our senior member Dr Heng Phalla Sambath guided by Mr Tan Nam. It was a beautiful sunny day. We were blessed with a good numbers of guests and community members,
H.E. & Mrs Meas Kim Heng Ambassador of the Royal Embassy of Cambodia, the children and all staff members, to make the day special and memorable.

I feel so very proud of our community members in upholding our religious and cultural traditions;so many turned up in our beautiful Khmer traditional costume.It highlights thevalue we all hold for our beautiful old culture of Cambodia.

I would like to express my gratitude to you all for another successful year.

I very much appreciate the generous unstinting support from:

  • The Casunik Executive Committee and Casunik members
  • The seniors members and religious team.
  • The Royal Embassy of Cambodia and all staff members.
  • The VLC Executive Committee members.
  • The Cambodian community
  • The Student Association and the team members.
  • The Art and Music DJ team.
  • The food catering team, all helpers and the friends of the community.

Dates for events of year 2016

To ensure availability of future venue, I have also made a provisional advance booking:

Saturday 16thApril 2016 Chaul Chhnam (Khmer New Year Celebration) will be at the VLC Community Center.

Saturday 1st October 2016 Pchum Ben will be at Amaravati Buddhist Monastery, Hemel Hempstead.

The Khmer New Year Celebration (Date not yet set). We are aimingto have a cultural show and live music performances. We encourage our community members to book ahead to secure their place as space is limited; first priority are given to Casunik paid members (joining form is attached). All community and friendsare welcome on a first comes first serve basis.

We value your attendance and the supports to our events, especially for those who travel from a far distance.

Please be informed that the Security & Safety Policy of the event requires that all guests are required to sign-in on their arrival at the reception desk.

Executive members Year 2015-2016: