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Last updated: March 2020

Cambodian Society in the United Kingdom
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Letter from the President - 2014

Dear Casunik members and friends,

I am delighted to enclose a report of the main activities for year 2014 in my seventh year as the president of the society:

  • The Xmas Party: Saturday 7th December 2013, at the VLC Community Centre Hackney.
  • The Khmer New Year: Saturday 12th April 2014, at the VLC Community Centre Hackney.
  • International Thod Paph Pa Fund raised money to support Chithurst Buddhist Monastery on Sunday 15th June 2014 at Chithurst Petersfield.
  • The sad loss of our dearest member, Mrs Sakhan Unn , passed away on the 3rd of July at the age of 82.
  • The funeral was on Friday 11th July in Gravesend -Kent with religious Ceremony, attended by our Community’s members, friends and the family members.
  • Badminton Tournament between Casunik’s community members/Cambodian students with the Laos community Group on Sunday 20th July, at the Sport Centre of Bacon College London.
  • Pchum Ben Ceremony on Saturday 20th September at Amaravati monastery, Hemel Hempstead.
  • Community’s foot ball tournament between Cambodian Society in the UK and Cambodian Students Group in the UK on Saturday 20th September at the sport ground of a sport centre Hemel Hempsted.
  • Kathina on Sunday 26th October 2014 at Chithurst Buddhist temple Petersfield.
  • Kathina on Sunday 2nd November 2014at Amaravati monastery, Hemel Hempstead.

I very much appreciate the generous and unstinting supports from:

  • The Executive Committee members and the community members
  • The senior members and the Religious Team.
  • The VLC Executive Committee members
  • The Royal Embassy of Cambodia and staff members. ¨
  • The Students Association group in the UK.
  • The Music DJ entertainment team.
  • The art directors of traditional Chhayam dance group and all performers.
  • The stage decoration team.
  • The Catering team, all helpers and friends of the community.
  • All community members, Cambodian /all guest/friends that have been kindly supportive to attend our event during the year 2014.

Future Events

  • The Khmer New Year Celebration: Saturday 11th April 2015 at the VLC community Centre.
  • International Thod Pah Pa fund raise money for Chithurst Buddhist temple on Sunday 14th June 2015
  • Pchum Ben Religious Ceremony: Saturday 10th October 2015 at Amaravati Buddhist Monastery.
  • Ajahn Sucitto 66 Birthday: 4th November 2015.

Our aims for Year 2015

Due to the huge success of our Khmer New Year Celebration this year with an amazing performance of our Traditional Chhayam, traditional dancing and popular comic show, we would therefore like to encourage talented community Members to come along audition for an act for next New Year 2015. Audition day, will be open on Sunday 9th March 2015 at the VLC Centre starting from 11am to 4pm.

Important Issue on Pchum Ben day 20th September 2014

I was sadden to receive some strong remarks from different sources relating to inappropriate daring/revealing outfits worn by some of our community members which contravene the dress code for attending religious gathering and especially in a Monastery. It is requested that all community members and friends strictly observe appropriate dress code in-keeping with the code of conduct in-line with the Buddhist practice.

I strongly believe that we all are aiming to maintain our culture, tradition and reputation of the Royal Kingdom of Cambodia; that we are proud of and continue to introduce our beautiful culture to the next generation. I cannot express enough my regret that some of our compatriots have shown the lack of respect toward our religious discipline and conduct. Let us all uphold our heritage so that our ancestors can be proud of us.

Executive members Year 2015: